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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oct 10 Day 286

Sunday Night Pizza leftovers

Day 285

So today I ran a 10k with my friend Kristen downtown G.R. Beautiful morning for a good run. Here's a pic I took on my ride back.

Oct 8 Day 284

So I was sifting through pictures that I wanted to use for today's entry and realized I had my "Dear John" photo. I then looked up what a "Dear John letter" actually means. It's used to tell your boyfriend that you want to break up with him. A "Dear Jane letter" is when the guy wants to break up with the girl. Ah the joys of learning new things every day.

And then my simple T.G.I.F.

Day 283

Grand Rapids Autumn stroll and soup challenge. Roommate and friend with their soup entry. Absolutely delicious!

Oct 6 Day 282

Morning Fog

Day 281

Oh Lucy... are you looking for the red laser pen?

Oct 4 Day 280

Taking life one stitch at a time...

October 3 Day 279

Checking out ArtPrize with the nephews. They keep popping up in random places! :)

Day 278

Trillium Haven Fall Festival.

Day 277

Heather's Happy Feet.

Sep 30 Day 276

Just keep swimming....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sept 29, 2010

Day 275 On the way Home....

Day 274

ArtPrize: Federick Meijer Gardens

Day 273


ArtPrize: Public Installation

Sept 26 Day 272

Madison. Smiling her beautiful smile....or mischievous one...

Day 271

ArtPrize: UICA

Great Installation.

Day 270

Our Stairwell.

Day 269

ArtPrize: Kendall Building mural.

I'm listening..

Day 268

ArtPrize: WMCAT

How does that work? And no, the log is not nailed down now is there an invisible wire holding it up...

Day 267

On my way to work. The beginning of a new day.

Sept 20 Day 265

The big polish newspaper installation move...

Day 264

Teresa's official drink name: "Green Smoothies"

Yummy and healthy! Thanks Teresa!

Reuniting old friends and creating new ones.

Day 263

"Man I'm beet"
"Just beet it"

Okay...I'll stop...

Sept 17 Day 262


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sept 16 Day 261

John's installation of The Garden.

Sept 15 Day 260

Morning stretch. :)

Sept 14 Day 259

On the way to work. If the railing could talk...

Sept. 13 Day 258

The start of the Messiah Rehearsals. I have missed you Handel!

Day 257


Sept. 11 Day 256

Flowers on the table from the Farmer's Market. Thanks Heather and Aaron!

Day 255

ArtPrize mural. T.B.C....

Sept. 9 Day 254

Oh Lucy. Trying to catch a fly between my window screen and the glass...

Sept. 8 Day 253

Artists starting to install for ArtPrize! Yay!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September 7 Day 252

While backpacking through Asia, I found this divergence from normalcy was, at times, a great and wonderful thing; at least in hindsight. Every night I would be laying my head in a different "pillow" (e.g. an actual pillow, a sweatshirt, a scarf, a part of my rucksack, my hands...yup), and in many ways I feel blessed to have had these experiences. But honestly, at times it sucked. I mean, seriously, all I wanted was my nice cozy bed with 2 not too fluffy pillows and clean sheets. Is that too much to ask? Yes. In India and China it was.

Every day, or at least every few days, we would have to pack up our bags and take off to the next destination. We were, in a sense, homeless. We would always have to figure out where we were going to rest our heads for the night. We always had to buy either instant food or eat in a restaurant, and had to wear the same clothes over and over, not knowing when we could do the next load of laundry. Granted, these are some things I absolutely love about backpacking. The unknown. The puzzle of how to get around in a new culture.

But I am so thankful right now to have a home. To be around those that I love and that love me. To have some of those creature comforts that have been absent far too long. It's good to appreciate the things we all too often take for granted. But how long until we forget them? Until we take them for granted once again?

Day 251

Our lives are one big collage. Random events somehow interrelated yet each with their own distinct story.

Sept 6 Day 250

Whatever happened to writing personal letters? I have yet to figure out what this whole tweeting thing is about...

Sept 5 Day 249

Dear Sunflower,

Thank you for sharing your beauty with us this fall. I'm sad to see you leave but am looking forward to seeing your colors again next year.


Day 248

Eating fresh raspberries on a Fall day. The simple joys in life.

Day 247 Sept 3

Funeral Day.

Comfort from the loved ones around us. We could all use a little bit more of both.

Day 246 Sept 2

Due to the business of the day with grandma's visitation and packing to go back home for a few nights, I did not remember to take any pictures today...

Day 245 Sept 1

Good job Teresa! Way to find Sylvie's ring!!!

Day 244

First day at WMCAT....Encouraging note in the kitchen..

Later I found out that my Grandmother Poortenga passed away that evening. The 93 years that she lived here on earth have come to a close, but I hope she is having a great 1st day in heaven today.

Day 243

My new wheels. It costs a pretty penny, but it's cheaper than a car and better for the environment!

August 29 Day 242

Moving back to G.R. for awhile to a house of old and new friends.

August 28 Day 241

Late night photo....closest thing to me at 11.59 p.m....