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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 240

Description: View as an outsider.

August 26, 2010 Day 239

Location: Dining room table.

Description: Starting to study for the GRE' we go!

Day 238

Location: Home in Woodland

Description: My road. Yup. I love the country!

Day 237

Location: Conference Grounds

Description: Grandparents and grandchildren on their way to see the sunset hand in hand...

August 23 Day 236

Location: Conference Grounds

Description: Taking a relaxing nap on the beach. Hat, towel, pacifier, and comfy position....

Day 235

Location: Conference Grounds in Grand Haven.

Description: Cousins, sisters, friends

Day 234

Checkering on a gun stock my dad was working on. Impressive I have to say.

Aug 20 Day 233

I know. I need to run virus scans more often... What a long and tedious night...

Aug 19 Day 232

Kate's last stop before the Airport to Nica...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 231

Birthday Flowers from my sweetheart in Ireland. Thank you...

Day 230

Okay. So I have to post 3 pics today to show my nieces that are in Traverse City...Beautiful and wonderful girls.



Day 229 Aug 16

Nephews football practice.

Day 228

So my next project will be the alphabet project.

1 down 25 to go....

Day 227

Inspired by The Book Thief cover.

Day 226 August 13

Levi with a lovely blue tongue.

Day 225

So one minute she's swinging, the next minute she's laying. (Hopefully those are tears of joy and not pain...)

Day 224 Aug 11

Chihuly. Frederick Meijer Gardens. Unfortunately the weather was almost too hot to really enjoy it all. But it was great nonetheless.

Day 223

Catherine and I picked some more blueberries and made these! :) Wallah. Moist, warm, and delicious with a glass of milk.

Day 222

One of my dear dear friends, Catherine, came up and stayed with me for a couple days. We decided to do a little hiking around. Good talks. Good times.

Day 221 Aug 8

Corn on the cob. Mmm good. Jade is thoroughly enjoying it.

Day 220

After we came back from Holland I spent the evening at the Raceway with my Dad watching sprint cars and the like. Good times. Muddy, but good.


Day 219

Day on the beach. Kate enjoying the hot weather.

Day 218

So my mother, sister and I took a girl trip to Holland for a few days to enjoy the events happening downtown. (And to get our picture taken with a bear outside our hotel...)

Day 217 Aug 4

Great Book. Highly recommended.

Day 216

Location: Random alley Downtown G.R.

Day 215

My running shoes. Hopefully they'll be running some races in the spring.

Day 214 Aug 1

A day out back by the Lake with the Rhoades. Wonderful day. Hobo pies, marshmallows, and a beautiful sunset.

Day 213

Location: Byron Center
Events: That's right. Horse Pulling.

July 30 Day 212

Roasting a few marshmallows over the Rhoades' 2009 Christmas tree....

Day 211

My sweet nephew Blake :) Looking charming as always! That's his Mario Kart Face.

Day 210

Why thank you :)

Day 209


Day 208

Location: Piano Room.Gift from Korea.

Day 207

Dad's new creation...

Day 206

Location pic 1: Inside Dad's truck.

Location pic 2: Blueberry patch

Despite all the bugs My sister, mom and I were able to pic a decent amount of Blueberries..mmmm.

Day 205

Location: G.R.
Activities: Figuring out my life....and skyping good friends :)

July 22 Day 204

Location: Good ole Hastings