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Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 21.

So it has been a sad few weeks. Unfortunately a few weeks ago my camera broke.  A piece of my heart sank and only now have I replaced it back to where it belongs. I bought a "new" camera which has been fun to get to know.  It is a new challenge in many ways, but an exciting one. The sad news is I wasn't able to take any photos while I was figuring out a replacement, but the good news is hopefully the ones to come will be better in many ways! :)

I'll re-start my project hopefully soon.  Once my arrives fifty nifty arrives, I can get to work on my food photography.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 36 February 5

Saturday morning Waffles. I'm good at eating them, but I have yet to master the timing with the actual waffle maker.

Day 35 February 4

The blessing and curse of choices...

(Hopefully I'll get a better picture of this soon, but it's a start)

Day 34 February 3

Soaking up the sun.

Day 33 February 2

So I actually forgot to take a food picture today. Rough start to the month. So I was looking at food photos from the past that were in my albums and I came across this one that Enda actually took while we were living in Korea.  Beautiful colors.

Day 32 February 1

 Aaron's night for dinner.  Good cook altogether.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Theme: Food

The theme for February I decided would be Food.  I can always do with more food photography practice. And seeing that my housemates are such amazing cooks, what a better opportunity than the present to capture the 

January 31 Last Day of Black and White Day 31

To end the last day of January I decided to do 2 photos. The first photo is of a random shot that I thought would look good b &w. I also joined a choir recently, and the second photo is of the pieces of music we will be performing for the Bach Festival.  Come and listen if you are free on March 20! It will be a great concert!