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Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 19

Not the greatest picture on my part but the people make it beautiful.  Teresa had a very successful fund-raising event for her Doula Project .

March 18


March 17
I need to work on my sunset skills, but I loved the linear chaos yet colourful calmness of the photo.

March 16

Downtown G.R

March 15

March 14

Rocking with the records...nice.

March 13

Complex and beauty of the small things.

March 12

Night out in South Bend :)
March 11

Visited a dear friend of my in Benton Harbor.  We had a great walk in the park.  In this photo he is engaging in a "crazy run" :)

Cori, my friend, and I are also a part of another blog where the weekly theme was "triangles".  We created this food pyramid  :)

March 10

March 9

March 8
Funeral. Grandsons.

March 7


March 6

Rest In Peace Grandpa Boerman.
Husband, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, Christ Follower, Friend...

Age 89.

March 5

I was out on a walk today and was trying to stop and take in what my neighborhood really looked like.  It's amazing some of the sights you see when you take the time to look.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Theme: RaNdOm

March has swiftly arrived and has left February in the snow. Thankfully during this unintentional break from the blog, and photography in general, I have been able to buy a "new" 40D camera and a new nifty fifty lens. Oddly enough it has been rather difficult for me to get back in the swing of taking a picture a day. Possibly because it is a different model therefore essentially a new camera for me to get to know, or because I really haven't been inspired by anything. I suppose that is the point of the project though; to try and find a unique way to look at life when it becomes mundane.
Anyways, because I'm still getting to know the camera a little bit, I decided to just make March a Random month rather than having a set theme. I hope you enjoy.

March 4

Last night while I was trying to watch a movie and work on some things online I saw the reflection and thought it would be an interesting photo. I thought it added a different kind of depth to the picture.

March 3

The joy of taxes....

March 2

Sunrise picture in a quiet neighborhood. This is one of the great things about walking to work. It forces you to slow down and take in your surroundings rather than speeding by them in a car. Unfortunately at times I take too much in and then am late for work....

March 1

On my way home from work I always walk past this old brick school.  If only the education system was as beautiful as the exterior of this building.Oh GRPS....