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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 79
We then staggered into Jaisalmer, hungry, hot, and tired. We enjoy walking from the train station into town, and taxi drivers/rickshaws have a difficult time understanding this concept...either that or they choose not to acknowledge this. They drive next to us and eventually leave, and low and behold, the next driver asks us if we need a ride...
Anyways, here's a picture of a typical scene in Jaisalmer. We stayed in the fortress which was rather nice.

Day 78

Enda and I continued our journey to Jodphur, also known as the "Blue City". The houses are all covered in blue to keep the houses cool and the mosquitoes away in the summer. We also checked out the Meherangarh Fort and fulfilled the look of a tourist; camera around the neck, head set on, sun burnt face, and audio tour guide playing. Nice.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 77
Random children on the street asking Enda for chocolates and money...he wasn't a fan but it was a photo opportunity :)

Dy 76

On our journey to find a palace I saw this sign "Juice the way God meant it to be." Interesting....

Day 75
We arrived in Udaipur and while Enda rested up I decided to go out on a photo journey through the town. Here is one of the results.
Day 74

This is a random sign in the Ahmadebad railway station. I really enjoyed the one under "Cleanliness Drive-Don't spit here and there"

Day 73

Ahmadebad. Well what can I say about this city...really. Hmm. we arrived and were obviously bombarded with people yelling "Taxi?" and "Where you headed?" It was a dirty city where not many backpackers stop at for obvious reasons. The hostel was decent but that positive aspect was easily clouded over with the abundance of stares and beggars that we encountered.

Day 72

This is in Mumbai (Bombay) . There are some very class taxi's in the city which tend to stick out against the smog and the garbage

Day 71

So this was our Bollywood day and as you can tell I actually didn't take this pic...Unfortunately the wouldn't let us take our camera into the studios therefore it was stuck captive on the bus all day and I was unable to take a photo. Not the most flattering picture ever but...yeah.

Day 70

Our first train from Margao to Mumbai. Luck 67. It was a dusty ride but nothing was stolen, yay! :)

Day 69

Anjuna is known for its Wednesday Market day. This is a pic of Enda bargaining over a chess board. Unfortunately it was missing a knight so we had to return it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 68

Enda enjoying his "breakfast in bed" restaurant. Chai tea, biscuits, and eggs. can't go wrong there. (90 rupees-$2)

Day 67
Hmmm...interesting....If you can't read the sign it says "This beach is cleaned with love by children of Arambol. Please do not leave any liter. Thank you."

Day 66
More random huts along the palolem beach. Bringing back the neon. oh no.

Day 65
This isn't the most artistic picture but it gives you an idea of the beaches in Goa. It's vastness and random huts lining the beach...This used to be the hot spot for the hippies back in the day....

Day 64
Enda and I decided to have a beach side dinner....absolutely gorgeous food for the small price of 70 rupees ($1.50). The lime soda takes some getting used to, but it only costs10 rupees...($.08) This is my kind of traveling :) They tend to serve a lot of Chinese, Italian, and Indian food in these restaurants.

Day 63
On March 1st the people of India celebrated Holi Festival, a celebration and welcoming of Spring. It involves a lot of color to say the least. These people were a little late on the celebration when I arrived to Palolem beach, but it was fun to see seeing that I arrived on March 2...a day late.

Day 62

I have to say I would have liked to edit this picture more before posting, but it's one that shows some of the colors in India which I love. This was taken in a market place in Panjim in the province of Goa.

Day 61

This was taken at the Delhi airport. Where temperature starts rising and the prices start lowering.

Day 60
Last supper. Mmmm...side dishes....

Day 59
My farewell picture to my apartment. Hopefully it's new owner will treat it well.

Day 58
So technically this picture was taken on day 59 at 12/45 a.m. I was on my way home from meeting a friend and realized I hadn't taken one for bad. Anwyays, I know it's crooked, but it's a bus stop that holds some memories...ahh..the green number 3 you will also be missed.

Day 57

So I've been a slacker on updating, and seeing that I don't have my computer anymore I've been unable to post edit the pics how I would ideally like to....oh well. Beggars can't be choosers.

This pic was taken on the way up to my old apartment.