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Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 6

A night at the carnival.  I loved seeing the sheer innocent joy on the face of these children.

The night shot.

Insert caption:

May 5

Cinco de Mayo! Happy Birthday Kate!

May 4

Enough said.

May 3

A Tuesday night of soreness. Good to be climbing though....

May 2
This photo was taken while I was on a stroll in the neighborhood.  If these boards could talk.

I am amazed as to how many memories have been lost somewhere in time over the past 27 years of my life.  It saddens me at times, yet they are all still a part of me and helped shape me into the person I currently am.

May 1

To me life is like writing a song.  I can choose Major or minor, decide when/if I want to change keys, insert motifs and sequences, etc...But yet so much of it is about timing.  You can't force chords and melodies into a place they don't belong.  There needs to be a flow, not rushed.

We may not know what the final piece will sound like, but we are the ones writing it... I wonder what all of our songs sound like thus far?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 30

 Our friends were having a house warming open house.  They have a beautiful farm with a lot of potential. I wish them the best of luck.

My thoughts exactly.

April 29

Yes, I know. I'm getting worse and worse at this 365 project, but I'll get better...

April 28

Make It Take It event at WMCAT.

Georgia in the process of screen printing her own shirt. Love it!!

April 27

Teresa's kitchen magic.  Sylv, Erin, Aaron, T, and I enjoyed this goodness.... :)

April 26

Overloaded by April 25 and didn't take one for today....
April 25

Sometimes I wish life had an "Off" switch I could use every once in awhile.

April 24

That's right. An egg in a sunflower. Hid by yours truly.

And she's off.... Go Jade!!

The results of their efforts.

 And something I didn't hide....

April 23

How toys have changed over the years.

April 22

Home for Easter weekend. It has been awhile since I've been back to Woodland.  A much needed reunion with the country.  Mom and I were getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt for the nephews and nieces hence the BB's :)

April 21

Fuzzy Photo of the neighborhood Pub...I'll get a better one this summer....until then my apologies...

April 20

Patterns.  It's good to look up sometimes.

April 19

That's right. It is April 19 and we woke up to snow this morning. The joys of unpredictable Michigan weather!

April 18

another forgotten day....oi...

April 17

Friends.  Always good to see old ones and make new ones.