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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 335 Nov 29

In case you were wondering.

Day 334 Nov 28

Christmas tree in G.R. decorations. My first experience with hanging popcorn on a tree. Also experimenting with a little bokeh action.

Day 333

Making our own Christmas decorations this year :)

Day 332

Helping Grandma hang Christmas decorations.

Day 331 Nov 25 Happy Thanksgiving Day! (Round #2)

Enjoying the Thanksgiving Football games with great anticipation.

Day 330

Pre-turkey Day.

Day 329 Nov 23

Thanksgiving Day Round #1 in G.R with friends.

Preparing veggies...Guess what vegetable this is :)

Day 328
Tinkling the ivory (and vocal chords).Warming up before Messiah Rehearsal.

Day 327

Out for a bike ride with John and Heather. Along with enjoying the crisp air Heather and I learned how to make a wreathe. Thanks John!

Day 326

Keeping life full of flavour.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 325 Nov 19

Where is the next track going to take me? The unknown. Exciting yet stressful.

Day 324

Drinking in the light.

Day 323

Day 322 Nov 16

I have too many books to read and not enough time...

Day 321

Living life one thread at a time

Day 320

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 319

A great weekend with friends, a warm cottage, the Office, and way too much junk food....

Nov 12 Day 318

Melting Pot deliciousness!!! It was my first time in a fondue restaurant and it won't be my last. Amazing.....Thank you for having a birthday Leanne and giving us the excuse to splurge! :)

Day 317

Oh Aaron. Looking hard at work :)

Day 316

Young Talent.

Nov 9 Day 315

It is sad how flowers can offer so much beauty but their life span is so ephemeral...

Nov 8 Day 314

The day has come.....

Day 313

The things we listen too....

Nov 6 Day 312

A frosty smile.

Nov 5 Day 311

Night out with some friends.

Nov 4 Day 310

Thank you Yvonne! A great day indeed.

Day 309

Keep on studying....Memories of High School math keep coming back to me. Not the fondest of memories I have to say.

Day 308

Location: Downtown G.R.

Nov 1 Day 307

WMCAT student hard at work! :)

Oct 30 Day 306

A Great night out with the ladies.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oct 29 Day 305

Aaron + Heather + Farmers Market = Great combination. Way to go and get up at 3 a.m. every Saturday!! You guys are amazing!!!

Day 304

A night with the girls. Great Food. Great Company. Great Carvings!

(Not so great pumpkin bad....)

Oct 27 Day 303

Even though there was a Tornado Warning today, the pumpkin stood firm.

Day 302

One of Teresa's many delectable cooking experiments.

Day 301

So one my girlfriends invited me to be a part of a blog where 5 friends from around the world stay in touch at least once a week by posting a picture related to the weekly theme. I only personally know 3 out of the 5 people involved in this blog and was under the assumption they were all female. So for my first post, this was going to be my picture until one of my dear friends informed me that one of people involved was a guy. Anyways, I thought I'd still get some use out of the picture for my personal blog :)

Day 300!

Spending some time with the family.... One of my nieces, Rachel. A beautiful little lady I have to say :)

Oct 22- Oct 23 Day 298/299

So Teresa and I ventured up to Traverse City for the weekend for some cycling and hanging out with some of my family. On the way up I took a few pictures but unfortunately they didn't turn out as good as what I was hoping. But on the 23rd when we cycled for the day (15 miles of it being in the rain) there were numerous shots that I liked. So I decided to use 2 pictures from the 23rd to compensate for the lack of good pics on the 22nd. Enjoy!

Before the rain...

After the rain...Still smiling though! :)

Oct 21 Day 297


Oct 20 Day 296

Enjoying a little Cheese, Bread, Cider, and Lego Chess with Fred. Unfortunately I was enamored with the little pieces therefore losing the game....(or I'm just not that great at chess....).

Oct 19 Day 295

Our lives are full of holes, but that is what shapes us and makes us beautiful.

Day 294

Hopefully the roommates aren't too mad that I'm posting this, but I love the candid looks.... :) You guys are great!! (Aaron too who isn't in this photo....)

Day 293

Studying for the GRE's with a cup of light.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oct 16 Day 292

Downtown G.R. on a Saturday Morning....nice.

Oct 15 Day 291

Oct 14 Day 290

Project Runway night! Cozy in the Living room (before we turned on the heat)

Oct 13 Day 289

Trying to be a chameleon.

Oct 12 Day 288

It's always good to have a little "Stuff" around.

Oct 11 Day 287

"Oh Canada..."

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! :)