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Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 366 (ummm yeah....)

Oh boy....What are they up to now?

Day 365 Dec 29

Boerman family Christmas.

Day 364 Dec 28

Popping away. Mullholland Drive here we come!

Day 363 Dec 27

Had a little too much to drink...

Day 362 Dec 26

Candy. Photography. Love. Some of the many things I enjoy!

Day 361 Dec 25 Merry Christmas!!!

I think the holiday season got the best of her.

Day 360 Dec 24

The family gathering. Let the chaos ensue!

Day 359

Relaxing during the holiday season.

Day 358

Walking. Laughing. Loving.

Day 357 Dec 21

Checking out the art at the GRAM.

Day 356

Posing for her holiday Christmas card.

Day 355

The winning bulls eye!!! Wahooo!

Day 354 Dec 18

"How exactly does this phone work?" That is the question. Technology. Oi.

Day 353 Dec 17!!

Enda Arrives!!! (and unfortunately I didn't take any pictures due to the lateness of my arrival at the airport....)

Day 352 Dec 16

Relaxing night altogether...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 351 Dec 15

A stroll through the library.

Day 350 Dec 14

Happy birthday Jeff!

Day 349 Dec 13

Stepping into the light.

Day 348 Dec 12

Inuit teddy.

Day 347 Dec 11

Laura ³

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 346 Dec 10

How did that paperclip get up there?

Day 345 Dec 9

Tearing up the karaoke! Rock on Dennis and Fred. Rock on.

Day 344 Dec 8

Working on the bokeh.... :)

Day 343 Dec 7

Checking out the Calvin Rockclimbing wall.

Day 342

Another colorful Teresa creation.

Day 341


Day 340 Dec 4

Pre-Messiah performance. It was a packed house. Nice!

Day 339 Dec 3

Emily's work sold at the UICA crafts show. Talented woman indeed.

Day 338 December 2

The first major snow fall in G.R.

Day 337 December 1

The harpsichord used for the Messiah performance.

Day 336 November 30

And the countdown begins...