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Friday, August 27, 2010

July 21 Day 203

Any takers?

Day 202

Yup. What do you say to that?

Day 201

The doors always open.

Day 200

After 2 years I'm back in the mitten state. Nice.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 199 July 17, 2010

The Eyeball.

Day 198

America here I am! After a long wait in the Chicago airport, my sister and I finally met up and our Chicago journey began! Well...we at least made it to our cousins house on the outskirts of town.

Day 197

Downtown Dublin.

Day 196

Eddie Rockets. Mmm good.

Day 195

Looking good there Brandy. Shaggy and cute as always.

Day 194

For me? :)

Day 193

What: Sheep Shearing
Where: Top of Coom-Ireland Highest Pub...supposedly...

Day 192

Goodbye Ronaldo.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 191 July 9

Working on his new used car. Look at the concentration on that handsome face :)

Day 190

Can't trust anyone these days...

Day 189 July 7

Precious Zara---who happened to be rather protective of her least towards me :)

Day 188 July 6

Well used Shoes.

Day 187 July 5

"Let's go fly a kite..."

Our Chinese kite that we finally were able to try out :)~

Day 186 July 4

Enda's Backyard.

Day 185

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 184 July 2

2 Pictures today. Indecisive..

Pic #1: Fungie the Dingle Dolphin entertaining us.

Pic #2: Picture from the boat.

Day 183

Trigg soaking up the sun and leaving a path of drool behind him :)

Day 182

Trigg in a box within a box.

Day 181

Frozen Grapes on a rainy day. Perfect.

Day 180

Brandy on her way to the Beach. All she's thinking about grabbing and chasing rocks down Banna Beach.

Day 179

The fam looking at some pics on the couch.

Day 178

Bailing Hay? Yes. That's right. The first full day that we were in Kerry Enda's Uncle asked for some help. I'll have to say though, I'm quite proud that the load of hay I stacked didn't fall over.
It wanted to though. :)

Day 177

Second home sweet home! :) When we were about to land Enda pointed out the airport. Usually I don't have any trouble identifying what an airport looks like, but Kerry was an exception.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 176 June 25, 2010

A sunny day in London.

Picture: Tower Bridge

Day 175

On the plane heading over London. I love window seats...

Day 174

One of the great things about traveling is that your geography knowledge expands so rapidly. I can now point out where Doha, Qatar is on a map. Not that I need to go there again, but at least I know where it is :)

This picture is on the bus going from our airplane to the airport, which I have to say is one of the least helpful airports I have been to. We only had Yuan to spend, but of course they only accepted Euro, Pound, and Dollar. I thought I would exchange some Yuan but no, they don't have any place to exchange money. Later though, there happened to be a Chinese man who was heading back home, and said he would exchange Dollar for Yuan with us. Nice. We don't have to starve anymore!

Day 173

Airport Day in Beijing...Yay! Qatar Airways was amazing!!! It was my first experience with a 5 star airline, and boy was it good! :)

Day 172

Of course we had to try the infamous Beijing Peking Roast Duck. They sliced it in front of us and then took the duck away. Seeing that it was rather expensive though, we asked for the duck back (taking the advice of some fellow travelers) and found that there was a ton of meat left on the duck, so we dove in and got our moneys worth. :)

Day 171

Houhai/Sanlitun area in Beijing. It's filled with bars, music, and shops.

Day 170

On our way back to Miyun. Gotta love Ping Pong...

Day 169

A great man on the Great Wall. :) We only ran into 2 other parties on the Wall. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

Day 168

Heading to the Great Wall...nice. After much confusion, we took bus 980 (15 yuan) from Beijing to Miyun and got off in the rain. We waited for our next bus to Gou-be-kou, but while we were waiting under some shelter from the rain, it whizzed by and didn't look back. Finally we found a cheap shared taxi that took us for a fraction of the normal price. We arrived in Gou-be-kou and headed straight for a warm restaurant. When our bellies were full and warm, we headed out to a hostel in the nearby village.

Picture: Taken in the village.