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Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 103 (April 13)

So we decided to try our hands at WWOOFing in India. (Working on organic farms) After the train-bus-sweet's shop man-jeep-route we arrived at the farm we would be working at. To our great surprise it was a rather nice "cottage" and our main contact wasn't there (neither was his chef). But there were 2 other wwoofers that welcomed us and showed us the ropes. This was the view from the house.

Day 102 (April 12)

Back to Delhi we go. We arrived just in time for more dust and dirt. We actually only spent the afternoon there before we had to find a different Delhi train station that would take us to our next destination...Ramnagar. To pass the time, we brushed up on our chess skills.. Mine need a little more brushing up on.

Day 101 (April 11, 2010)

Of course it starts to rain on the morning that we have to leave Srinagar. We headed in the backseat of a Jeep for a long journey back to Jammu. After spending some time reading in Cafe Coffee Day and escaping the heat, we eventually found our way to the railway station and prepared ourselves for the journey back to Delhi. This pic I took on the way there.

Day 100!! (April 10, 2010)

This morning we decided to get an early start to the floating vegetable market. Surprisingly there weren't any shikara drivers swarming towards us offering ridiculous prices; rather we had the new experience of having to look for one. Thankfully there was one available and we were on our way. The market was full of vegetables, men, and tourists. It was entertaining seeing locals bargaining and bumping their way through the market. We also took a jeep trip up around Walou Lake which was pleasant except for the reckless driver who made Enda sick.....twice because once wasn't enough. The driver felt the need to shepherd us back into the jeep whenever the locals became too curious...

Day 99 (April 9, 2010)

Srinagar is known for Dal Lake and it's houseboats. After a rather bad experience with a previous houseboat owner we decided we'd try again. Our rather wealthy hostel owner (as well as silk/rug store owner) had a couple top notch houseboats. His generous discount made it much more enjoyable :) Here is a picture of a man loading seaweed onto his shikara. I was waiting for him to start sinking, but thankfully (and surprisingly) he stayed afloat! :)

Day 98 (April 8, 2010)

Today we journeyed to Asia's largest tulip festival in Srinagar. It was on the other side of Dal Lake which was a nice walk (aside from being told the wrong direction from a few soliders...hmm.) It was great to get away from people trying to sell us things and just enjoy natural beauty. While Enda and Henrik were learning from locals about their take on Pakistan and Celine Dion, I was off frolicking through the tulips and experimenting with my camera.